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With William
So my friend is out of hospital. We spoke last night. He sounds terrible. No strength in his voice. Actually sounded almost like another person. An elderly, weak and beaten one. But his attitude is good. Or at least, he gives the impression of that when we speak and through his emails. That said, it is only two weeks today since he had a major operation. Early days. There was also the chance that he would leave hospital with a physical impediment that would severely compromise his quality of life. This, thankfully, has not happened and for that we must be immensely grateful. It is far too early to know how this will affect 'us' - when and how we see each other, his confidence and desire to travel.
Whatever - we will deal with it.
As I write those sentences the Coach House next door, setting up for a wedding, is playing 'Quiet Life' by Japan. One of my very favourite songs and one whose lyrics resonate now.

I have seen before hat when people are at a certain age they can get knocked back by something like this and it can be hat that makes them...elderly. Something he has never been. He has always been very proud of his fitness and physicality. Undoubtedly he will do all to regain that. But sometimes the body will no longer allow.

Either way, I need to step up to the plate that bit more.

That reminds me - I promised I would send him a load of Kate Bush...

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Glad he came through it OK, I hope your friend in SF will get better soon.

Shame you didn't explain this and I didn't see this til now, might have explained...well you know.

Finally listened to your voicemail, in a thunderstorm, seemed the right time. Hope all is well with you.

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Some reason maybe but no excuse...messaged you...thanks for getting back...

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