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With William


warm beer and misanthropy.

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Anabolic spinach.
With William

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We need Bluto in there as well.

What I wanna know is: Has anyone ever seen Bluto and Cap'n Haddock in the same room at the same time? And if so, how come it wasn't my room?

There have been a number of things written about Tintin and Haddock being lovers. Tintin moves in with him, has a small dog that wears a scarf and has largely male friends other than a female opera singer. It is noted that Haddock got control of his drinking after Tintin moved in.
I did recently comae across artwork depicting Haddock and Tintin fucking. Drawn by a woman I think.

Haddock was my first crush. Well, other than my friend Sally's father Jack, who was six foot plus and built like a barn door, hairy all over with thick white hair on his head leading into an Abe Lincoln beard, very gruff demeanor and in his early 60s and with the habit of sleeping in late and then walking about naked when he arose.

MMMMMmmmm - Bluto!

Always thought he was cute - for a cartoon guy.

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