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With William


warm beer and misanthropy.

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With William
My Internet returned for two days. It is down again. I am so fed up with people from BT telling me they are escalating my case. Bullshit jargon, bullshit service. This week has been a mirror of last. Everyone pleasant but ineffectual. No one capable or willing to say what he problem actually was, is or might be. My case has been escalated so much I now have a direct number for their special team in Lincoln who deal with only the really stubborn problems. No call centres in India for me anymore.
But still no service either.

If we weren't planning on moving away I would switch to another provider. As I did in Brighton.

Meanwhile another senior BT executive retires with a bonus that would keep a small country's economy afloat.

There is an old English expression for this.


See you around sometime.

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Apt expression. Sorry for your trouble.

It was less the lack of access than the interminable waits on the phone and going through the same process each time. In fairness, they 'escalated' my problem to their small dedicated team in Lincoln and I ended up dealing with one lady in particular. Still have access to the private number for two weeks. But it was just the modem...jeez...

It will get better soon. It just HAS to!


BT are awful, if you can I'd move to another service.

Last week I got a BT demand for an unpaid bill. Thing is I'm not even a BT customer! Trying to speak to their customer service and get it sorted out was just impossible.

Plan to move to Brighton at the end of the year. Had BT there and got rid of them. Virgin cable...no problems so far.


I'm having similar if less dramatic problems with EE. I need to extract myself from them, the service is so bad if you upload something you lose all download speed. Completely. Which I'm pretty sure didn't happen before.

BTW am researching new ISPs if you're interested. PlusNet has been recommended to me, looks good...as well as their super-fast BT Infinity service, which is overkill and like all BT things, frigging expensive. PlusNet are owned by BT.

The other one I'd recommend is Be Internet, but they're owned by Sky now...you might not care. I did, I really miss their service though.

Virgin cable in Brighton which is cheaper for more (films and telly as well) and who have always been really helpful. Had BT down there but got rid of them after speed got so lousy I couldn't watch films.
No point in changing now as we still plan to move permanently to Brighton by end of the year...if Paul gets the all clear at the hospital in the next few days.
Have Infinity here...it is very fast with the new modem. But, yes, not cheap.

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