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With William


warm beer and misanthropy.

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With William

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More than that. He genuinely did not give a shit what others thought of him, he never compromised in the creation of his music and he was genuinely dangerous, not just playing at it.

Tears ran down my face on the train this morning when I learned the news of his death. I didn't think that it would have affected me that much. I guess I took for granted his contributions to music and the impact his music had on my life. It's scary to think what this world would be like if Lou Reed never existed. He pretty much invented everything!

Exactly the same with me.
And, yes, he did.
At least most people seem to acknowledge that though.
There won't be anyone even remotely similar. People don't have that combination of bravery and intelligence anymore.
Or if they do they don't play music.

There is a video game commercial on TV these days here that use his song Perfect Day. It's just weird seeing that now.

There is a drinks commercial featuring meaninglessly generic beautiful young people with a T.Rex soundtrack. It doesn't even fit. Worse is one with the Jimmy Castor Bunch bboy classic 'It's just Begun' tacked on for spurious street cred. Laughable.
The easy option. Smear someone's actual talent over your own lack of it. I hope he made a bunch of money from it.

Good answer! He will be missed.

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